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Gallery Assist

10/09/2009 by quiptime

The module "Gallery Assist" provides a way prepared to

  1. simple
  2. fast
  3. uncomplicated
  4. successful

to create image galleries.

Create gallery in 3 steps

1. Module enable 2. Configure gallery layout and set rights 3. Create galleries

What does Gallery Assist?

The module "Gallery Assist" provides a nodetype prepared with gallery functionality.

Gallery Assist features

  1. Creating galleries, independent of the modules, CCK, Views, ImageCache and Image/Image Gallery.
  2. The gallery features can be assigned to any node types.
  3. Configurable presets for the display screen sizes.
  4. Various configurable display options for the galleries.
  5. Integrated configurable gallery and picture pager.
  6. Multilanguage support - i18n module compatible.

Gallery Assist additional modules

There are optional modules which can extend the functionality of Gallery Assist.

  1. Gallery Assist ImageCache
  2. Gallery Assist Lightboxes


Livedemo: Gallery Assist examples
Screenshots: Gallery Assist screenshots
Screencasts: Gallery Assist screencasts


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