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Pre-Freeze Code Testing Sprint - Los Angeles - August 15-16, 2009

15. Juli 2009

Code freeze begins September 1st. During this period, we fix bugs and when Drupal 7 is stable, we release. In the past, we have done manual testing. This time we have an automated testing framework and already a large number of tests. In an ideal world, we would only release when all code is touched by tests. While this won't guarantee that Drupal will be bug free, every test contributes to the overall quality of Drupal.

"Drupal 6: Online Presentation of Data" video series from

3. Juli 2009

Online video provider just released my new six-hour video series, "Drupal 6: Online Presentation of Data". You can check it out with a free one-day pass; it's also available to anyone with a subscription, which starts at $25/month.

JVIS – A global website for an auto-parts maker

2. Juli 2009

JVIS USA LLC is an international supplier for automotive components and tooling with facilities in 6 countries and customers all over the world. Their website helps them introduce their products to auto makers.