Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009 - 14:26 von quiptime

Dries Buytaert's Übersicht von Websites die Drupal verwenden.

Google using Drupal for M-Lab

29. Januar 2009

Google announced Measurement Lab (M-Lab) this week, an open platform that researchers can use to deploy internet measurement tools. M-Lab will give end users the tools to figure out whether internet service providers are interfering with their broadband connections by blocking or throttling certain applications. Turns out that the current M-Lab site is using Drupal.

World Food Programme using Drupal

29. Januar 2009

The United Nations is using Drupal (and Mollom) for the World Food Programme. The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian organization. With almost 12,000 people working for the World Food Programme, their food assistance reaches an average of 100 million people in 80 countries every year.

Virgin using Drupal

26. Januar 2009

Virgin Radio is using Drupal for a number of websites. Example: http://www.virginradio999.com.

AHOLD using Drupal

22. Januar 2009

AHOLD, the holding of Albert Heijn, a major Dutch retailer with 100.000 employees worldwide, is using Drupal for their main website: http://ahold.com. (Hat tip: George Moses and Bert Boerland)